Stadio Global, Disrupting The Crypto Space With Interoperable Cross Chain “EnableTech” for Utility Backed NFTs

NFTs are ever-expanding and evolving. At the time of writing, the Open Sea marketplace, the largest in the NFT space, has over 3.5 billion worth of Ethereum-based NFT trades processed in one month alone. Not all NFT assets appreciate in the NFT universe. Yet, since the NFT space is continuously innovating, the onset of NFTs with utility is likely to boost more value for the NFTs. 

We had the opportunity to talk to Stadio’s owner Martin Lazaveric to learn how his company is disrupting the crypto space with interoperable cross-chain “Enable Tech” for utility-backed NFTs. 

About Stadio 

The recently launched Stadio Global is a company that operates in the crypto and web three-space. The company has built a decentralized environment with enabling tech where B2B, brands, and other creators can create, manage, and fulfill the benefits of utility-backed NFTs. 

For now, the company has extended its offerings to the sports niche where brands, media, athletes, and other businesses in the field can monetize from the NFTs. Athletes, for instance, can monetize from the sale and resale of their exclusive 1 of 1 dynamic Leaguez NFT.  

Other businesses can still harness Stadio’s tech stack for better dispensation, management, and fulfillment of the benefits of NFT. 

What are utility-backed NFTs?

Utility-backed NFTs carry quantifiable, real-world value. For example, a buyer can purchase a physical piece of art that matches the NFT they bought. There is a diverse range of utilities that can come with NFTs. One case is when you purchase an NFT and get access to exclusive events.  

Right now, it isn’t easy to find and obtain a high-flying NFT. It would help if you looked for an NFT with utility, purpose, and a strong community (like Stadio’s). Such a community is an excellent investment for B2Bs, brands, creators, and marketers as it comes with a solid real-world value. 

Stadio’s interoperable cross-chain “enable tech” paves the way for multiple pathways for engagement and monetization. Those in the system can leverage the white glove service where they set up a wallet and earn by selling NFTs or trading in crypto. The second pathway involves gaming, where players enter the Stadio NFT leaguez and earn from their NFTs. This pathway is suitable for athletes as they can enter the leaguez. The athletes will monetize off leaguez as well from the sale and resale of their exclusive 1 of 1 dynamic Leaguez NFT. 

Businesses and brands looking for fan engagement will benefit from Stadio. The engagement lets them provide access to exclusive content to NFT holders, e.g., product launches, access to discounts, e.t.c. 

Stadio is the future. 

Stadio stands out as the only company with a tech stack that leverages the benefits of NFT and omichain technology. The company’s enabling tech comes with numerous benefits for brands, marketers, creators, and other businesses. 

Utility-backed NFTs are the next natural step NFTs. Those looking to harness to stay ahead of their competitors and boost their sales can look to Stadio to help them realize that. You can check out Stadio Global on social media or website to stay updated.