These Mobile Games Are Just Trying To Steal Your Crypto Treasures, FBI Warns

The FBI has issued a warning regarding mobile games that attempt to steal your crypto treasures. These harmful games are focusing on users who are lured by the prospect of making easy money and receiving thrilling prizes. This blog post will cover the FBI’s warning and who these games are targeting. Moreover, we’ll offer some advice on how to shield yourself and your crypto treasures from these malicious games. By the conclusion of this post, you’ll have a clearer knowledge of how to remain safe and secure in the world of crypto.

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What Is The FBI Warning About?

The FBI warns consumers about malicious mobile gaming apps that try to steal cryptocurrency. Cybercriminals make apps that seem like free or fun games but are really malware meant to steal from the user’s crypto wallet and intercept their transactions.


The FBI suggests users stay careful when downloading apps, specifically from unknown sources, and keep their device and operating system secure to reduce the risk of hacking. Trusted sources like the Mobile Security Index should also be checked for information on security threats.

Users must be cautious when investing in any type of game or app that involves cryptocurrency as they may encounter fake “play-to-earn” games that scam their deposit. Before downloading, users must read reviews and understand the terms and conditions to avoid red flags and inconsistencies that don’t align with the website. They should be aware of them and not download anything suspicious or enticed by free games or scam websites.

Lastly, if someone is approached by a game that asks for cryptocurrency as payment, they must verify the legitimacy of the contact and website before providing any information or making payments. In case of targetting by a scam game or app, it is best to contact the local FBI office immediately.

Who Is Targeted By These Mobile Games?

The FBI is warning US citizens about mobile games that may be targeting those who use cryptocurrency as rewards. These unregulated gaming apps have seen a significant increase in activity during the pandemic. It’s crucial to be mindful of the data you’re sharing on these apps and avoid sharing financial information that may put sensitive and confidential information at risk.

Protect yourself from these scams by creating secure passwords for all your accounts and ensuring that your devices have updated antivirus software. Be wary of any mobile or online games offering financial incentives, as they may be fake scams created by criminals looking to steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting players.

If you encounter a suspicious gaming app, don’t deposit any cryptocurrency into it. Always research an unfamiliar game app before downloading it and read any available reviews online to verify its legitimacy. Furthermore, if someone offers an unsolicited offer related to online gaming, especially if they request money upfront, consider it a red flag and report the offer immediately.

If you suspect that you may have been scammed through one of these mobile games or other websites/apps, always contact your local FBI office or report instances of attempted fraud directly to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Exercise caution when using unfamiliar apps and websites, especially when there’s money at stake.

Protect Yourself From Cryptojacking Mobile Games

The FBI is warning mobile gamers of a new threat called Cryptojacking. This type of attack involves malicious access to mobile gaming devices. Popular games are marketed as crypto-related but are actually a front for coin theft. Unauthorized transactions using cryptocurrency in mobile games have been reported, and the FBI is urging users to protect themselves against Cryptojacking.

Preventing Cryptojacking begins with smart password management. Creating strong passwords and changing them regularly is crucial, especially when playing games or downloading apps involving cryptocurrencies. Two-factor authentication should also be enabled when available to provide extra security measures against potential hackers and malware attacks.

Furthermore, users should exercise caution when playing games involving cryptocurrencies, especially on mobile devices. The FBI has uncovered fake play-to-earn games that steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting players. These games are created by criminals to steal money in cryptocurrency form. According to the FBI, users should never play these malicious games.

In conclusion, the rise of cybercrime threatens those engaging with cryptocurrencies and digital wallets, especially those using mobile devices for pay-to-earn games on the go. Users must remain vigilant and keep their data secure through smart password management practices and enabling two-factor authentication whenever possible before engaging in any activity involving cryptocurrencies, both online or offline.

What Steps Can You Take To Ensure Your Crypto Treasures Are Safe?

From the FBI’s recent warning, it is clear that malicious mobile and online games are on the rise. These fake “play-to-earn” games attempt to build relationships with potential victims before stealing their deposited cryptocurrency. To ensure the safety of your crypto treasures, take certain steps.

First, be aware of mobile apps that may be disguising themselves as games to steal your crypto treasures. Regularly update your device’s software, keep passwords and authentication keys secure, use two-factor authentication on all accounts, and avoid clicking on suspicious links or connecting to untrusted Wi-Fi networks. It is also important to back up your data and digital wallets regularly so that you can recover them if they become compromised.


Finally, diversify your approach to crypto storage to protect yourself against theft or loss of funds. Consider using multiple wallets or exchanges for different types of cryptocurrencies to reduce the risk of losing all your funds at once if a wallet is compromised.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your crypto treasures remain safe from malicious actors looking to exploit unsuspecting users for their financial gain. Stay vigilant!

Bottom Line

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity, but unfortunately, so are malicious actors who seek to exploit unsuspecting users for their own financial gain. The FBI recently issued a warning about mobile games that attempt to steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting users. It is essential to stay alert and take steps to protect your crypto treasures, such as regularly updating software, creating strong passwords, and using two-factor authentication whenever possible.

Additionally, diversifying your digital wallet strategy reduces the risk of losing all your funds at once in case of a compromised wallet. By taking these simple precautions, you can ensure the safety of your crypto treasures against malicious actors seeking to exploit you. Take action today and safeguard yourself and your crypto treasures!