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Discover organic sparkling apple juice, an elegant celebration of nature

Sparkling organic apple juice presents a delightful non-alcoholic alternative to traditional cider, making it an excellent choice for aperitifs, the Chandeleur, or festive occasions like Christmas. This beverage allows everyone, regardless of age, to partake in the joy of shared moments, offering a universally enjoyable refreshment that bridges generations.

A Fresh Twist on Traditional Cider

In France, where cider is celebrated for its rich tradition and popularity, a growing number of consumers are now seeking non-alcoholic options that don’t compromise on taste. Sparkling apple juice emerges as the ideal substitute, maintaining the beloved flavors of cider while excluding alcohol. For those opting for a refreshing, flavorful drink without alcohol, this sparkling apple juice offers a compelling choice that mirrors the sensory experience of traditional cider.

Artisanal Craftsmanship in Every Bottle

The production of sparkling organic apple juice is an art form characterized by precision and care. The journey begins with the pressing of apples using a belt press, which efficiently extracts between 70% to 85% of the juice. Following extraction, a critical enzymation and filtration phase sets the clarity of the juice, tailoring its appearance to specific tastes.

Next, the juice undergoes carbonation, where it is infused with food-grade CO2, enhancing its sparkle. During this phase, attributes such as density, turbidity, and Brix value are meticulously adjusted to ensure a superior sparkling quality.

The bottling process involves cold drawing, a method that omits heating to preserve the juice’s natural flavors. The juice is then gently pasteurized, optimizing flavor preservation. Each bottle is then carefully labeled, ensuring that what reaches the consumer is nothing short of exceptional.

Juliet® Organic Alcohol-Free Sparkling Apple Juice: Pure, Organic Indulgence

Our Juliet® sparkling apple juice is crafted exclusively from 100% organic, French-grown apples, reflecting our commitment to quality and environmental stewardship. The organic certification of our product not only underscores its health benefits but also supports sustainable agricultural practices that respect and enrich the environment.

Opting for our Juliet® alcohol-free sparkling juice means choosing a drink that is free from artificial colorants, preservatives, and alcohol, allowing you to enjoy its exquisite taste unreservedly. This beverage distinguishes itself through its freshness and the unadulterated purity of Juliet® apples, offering a sophisticated and refreshing experience suitable for any time of the day.

With its fine bubbles and crisp apple essence, our organic, alcohol-free sparkling juice serves as a luxurious treat that can elevate any occasion, ensuring everyone can toast to joy and celebration with a glass in hand.