Oil Leak Causes and How to Fix Them

car with oil leak

There are a couple of ways to know your car is leaking oil. One of the first signs might be a greasy-looking brown or black puddle on the ground where you park your car. When you check the oil level, which you should do regularly, your oil could be low or the low oil light will come on. 

Lastly, you could smell a burning odor coming from your car’s engine because there’s oil all over it. This is incredibly dangerous, ask any attorney who deals with auto accidents in Redondo Beach. So, what causes oil to leak in the first place, and can it be fixed? 

There are a few reasons why a vehicle starts to leak oil and yes, it’s a very serious problem that can cause irreversible damage to your car’s engine. In this article, you’ll find out about oil leak causes and how to fix them.

1. Damage To Oil Gaskets or Oil Pans

Over time, normal wear-and-tear occurs to your vehicle’s oil pans and gaskets. This can happen from years of damage from road debris, or it can happen just from hitting a bump or pothole one time. The oil gaskets and oil pans are located at the bottom of the engine, making them susceptible to the majority of the damage, leading to oil leaks in the process.

2. Improperly Installed Gaskets and Oil Filters

Sometimes, oil leaks are caused by incorrect installations of the gaskets or filter that keep the oil where it’s supposed to be. If this is the issue, it’s usually because the oil pan gasket or the valve cover is over-tightened. It can also happen if the gaskets are not seated properly. Another problem could be that the oil filter isn’t properly installed, causing oil to leak around the filter.

3. Bad Rings or Valve Seals

If you have worn or defective rings or valve seals, your vehicle will leak oil. However, unless there is also a problem with the gaskets you probably won’t notice right away. That’s because the oil will stay inside the engine and burn up from the heat inside the engine. There most likely won’t be any signs of a leak other than a slight smell of something burning.

How to Fix an Oil Leak

Fixing an oil leak isn’t too difficult in most cases, helping you prevent problems that could lead to you being a news headline for car accidents in Sacramento. Follow these two tips and you’ll be able to fix as well as prevent leaks. 

1. Do-It-Yourself Oil Leak Repair Products

Unfortunately, there are no quick or easy fixes for an oil leak. Many car product companies advertise do-it-yourself oil leak repair kits. However, using these products is not a solution. The best course of action is to take your car to a trusted mechanic immediately before there is any more damage done to the engine.

 2.  Is There a Way To Prevent Oil Leaks

The best way to prevent oil leaks is also the best way to recognize an oil leak when it starts-by getting your oil changed as your vehicle’s manufacturer suggests. To find out how often you should change your oil check the owner’s manual, visit the manufacturer’s website, or call your local dealership. Spending money now will keep you from experiencing more costly repairs.