In-Depth Look at Heather Mathes, Model and Author of “Paid to Be Perfect”

When writing her self-help or motivational book, author Heather Mathes pulls from her expensive experience in her own life. Discover the life of a fit model in, Paid to Be Perfect, and her advice in maintaining your perfect size.

Fit model

Heather Mathes

The first thing we learn about Heather Mathes is her former profession; a retired fit model. In the book, she expands on her professional career.

But what exactly is a fit model? Mathes explains it as “a live mannequin that is required to maintain their body measurements”. Fit models help standardize the clothing line of the companies, brands, retailers they work with. Clothes are adjusted on the fit model before it can get approved for mass production. The body measurements of the model are compared to that of a mannequin which represent the “perfect” measurements of said brand.

Mathes started as a fashion model, doing runways, showrooms, and prints. After a few years, the company she was working with offered her a fit modelling contract. And that is how she started in this specific branch. The contract lasted 12 years before she left for her maternity leave. In 2016, she went back into the business and worked for one of her past clients. It was at that moment that she realized she had kept pretty much the same measurements as she had before her pregnancy.

A 30-year career

On top of being her main professional activity for more than 30 years, the job of fit modelling was what prompted her to pay attention to her nutrition and health.

Keeping the same measurement over time was one of her professional requirements and in looking for consistency in the numbers, Mathes found balance in her life. She developed her lifestyle because she had to fit the job requirement but later realised that these new habits were genuinely beneficial for other aspects of her life. So, she is not maintaining her size and shape because she has to, or to fit any social mold, but because she wants to live healthily, and feel good, energised and comfortable in her own body. It became a virtuous circle: her will to eat and live in a healthy way made her a good fit model and allowed her to have a long career.

Another thing that helped her longevity in the business was her professionalism. She was able to form and develop relationships with her clients. As she explains for aspiring models, being reliable, dependable, and having a nice behaviour are important things that can make or break a career.


Paid to Be Perfect

Heather Mathes is an experienced fit model, and on the more personal side, she is a happiness-seeker.

She has a strong, genuine will in learning, improving herself, living her life to the fullest and in a healthy way.

Throughout the book, we learn that she has a sweet-tooth and loves sugary treats, that she enjoys running and yoga, that she has a small dog. Also, she lives with her husband and her son.

For her, her workouts are self-care moments. Running is her “alone time”, a time where she can think and let off any emotion. Yoga is more about being in a community of like-minded people and easing the stress off.

She is also passionate about fashion, as most people would be working in the industry: she describes it as an “art” and a “self-expression” both of individuals and of a culture.

In short, Heather Mathes is a seasoned retired model, but most importantly, a person with a fierce will to live healthily, to learn, to enjoy life, and a desire to help people through her book. Find your copy on Amazon now!