Tips On How To Grow Your Brand Through Google Ads With Kasey Brown

Kasey Brown, one of the leading US influential marketers, said that the use of google ads, such as on Facebook, has become critical to any company’s marketing strategy. We could view Google as a large marketplace that covers nearly every corner of the world. It is an excellent tool for reaching a new potential market audience and discovering new business opportunities. If you are a business owner, being on social media is very crucial. 

Kasey is backed by her years of experience in doing digital strategy for big brands. She is determined to help other brands, and tiny businesses, leverage social media ads to grow their brands strategically, successfully, and profitably. 

Growth marketing

Growth marketing became famous not only with large companies but with small enterprises too. Regardless of business size, all businesses need to grow. This is why growth marketing is usually essential in any industry. 

Kasey Brown talks about how growth marketing helps brands grow through growth hacking tactics that test different channels and strategies to find out how best to optimize enterprise marketing efforts. One should define who their customers are and determine the most cost-effective channels to boost their brand promotion. 

In growth marketing, one delivers customized messaging aligned with their customers’ needs. Growth marketing strategies include paid marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Paid Social media marketing

Social media advertising offers a variety of ad formats across various google platforms. Each platform gives distinct value to available ad format types that can support your marketing goals, for example, brand awareness generation. 

Paid marketing is putting your brand in front of your target audience through paid content. An enterprise grows its brand by promoting its product by paying for ad spaces on social media platforms, also known as social media advertising. 

Some major Google social media channels include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok. Kasey emphasizes how any brand can reach a specific target audience through social media, and this helps grow one’s brand. Each social media channel caters to a particular type of audience. 

One can be very specific on whom they want to reach with their ads, such as an audience of the same age group, interests, and profession. Social media allows one to know more about their customers. Social media allows for personal interaction with one’s audience. It serves as a goldmine to identify the contents that keep them engaged and suit their needs.

Facebook ads

Facebook remains the most-used social media platform today. As of July 2022, the platform has 2.9 billion active users worldwide. Facebook is a low-cost but effective way of reaching your audience. Ad formats on Facebook include photos, videos, stories, and lead ads.

The social media platform offers the most comprehensive age range of active users. You can find your customers on Facebook since nearly all age ranges are on the forum. Facebook is, therefore, an excellent platform to make your brand more visible to your target audience hence growing it.