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Going Through A Mental Breakdown? This Is What You Need To Do

The pressures we experience in life can easily lead to a breakdown. People buckle down and wear themselves out with work to find success irrespective of the risk of a mental breakdown. In addition to this, life’s challenges such as strained relationships, unemployment, and financial constraints could lead to a mental breakdown.

Statistics reveal that as many as 26% of adults could experience a mental breakdown at some point in their life. Cat Howell is no stranger to mental breakdowns. A couple of years back she managed to build a multiple eight-figure company. She found herself with every material success in the world, everything she aspired to. However, Cat felt depressed and super-unfulfilled. She states that the more she tried to fix her reality, the worse she felt.

In 2022 Cat had a mental breakdown that led her to resign as CEO and walk away from everything she had built. She let go of all the followers she had grown and recalibrated. At that time, she began to practice the ancient art of magic and alchemy.

Today, Cat is one of the visionaries changing the rhetoric around magic. She runs a coven, has a website, and a podcast known as ‘Flow Protocol.’ Cat is also the author of a book dubbed ‘Magic Source Codes.’

Cat explains that for a long time magic and alchemy have been shunned and relegated to the confines of horror and sci-fi. People are afraid of magic. Yet what most people don’t realize is that magic is very much like science.

Magic is the ability to craft the physical from imagination alone. Similar to technology, magic plays a role in how we perceive the world. The interconnection brought about by technology has allowed us to perceive the world as a global village. Yet technology was birthed in our imagination. The same rule applies to magic in that we imagine a reality and channel the vibrations in the universe to manifest that reality.

Cat has experienced the power of magic in overcoming a mental breakdown. She says that magic and alchemy helped her experience significant transformations in her life. She managed to redefine her reality and cultivate her desires without sacrifice.

Presently, Cat helps others discover the tools and techniques to help them fulfill their creative core’s desires and forge well-being even in the face of adversity.

Cat hosts about five workshops a year. Each workshop is alchemy themed for founders and visionaries; for instance, the upcoming workshops include resonance rituals about creative freedom and fulfillment. This workshop will cover how to achieve freedom and fulfillment using the principles of the altar within inner alchemy. After that is the mentor alchemy workshop for those, who want to build coaching businesses, this workshop helps founders and visionaries learn how to structure such a business so that they’ll not end up with a monster that drains up their energy and leads to a mental breakdown.

Mental breakdowns are prevalent in our society. But you don’t have to be a victim. If you are brave enough to explore magic and alchemy as solutions, you should seek Cat Howell. Her skills have helped hundreds of founders and visionaries find fulfillment and meaning in life.

Cat Howell is a sought-after magician and alchemist. She runs a coven, a website, and a podcast. She looks at magic and alchemy as helpful science. You can learn more about her work by checking her website. You can also check out her youtube.