Making Your Own Kind of Fairytale, The Ghost in Her

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Life is a fairytale of courage, fear, failure, persistence and triumph.”  Debasish Mridha.

We usually see fairytales happen in books, movies, and television series. But does it happen in real life? Sometimes, life challenges lead us to believe that fairytales don’t exist anymore. But in fact, you can make your kind fairytale. Today, we’ll be featuring a book that tells us that fairy tales do come true- but not without suffering.

The much anticipated first book in the Ungilded Series, The Ghost in Her, by Award-winning author Anika Savoy, available January 3rd, 2023, by Inkspell Publishing. If you’re up for a paranormal-romance novel that has feminism, history, and class disparity areas its major themes, then The Ghost in Her is the book for you. The Ghost in Her is a genre-defying book that will appeal to readers who enjoy Christina Skye’s Draycott Abbey Series or Harper Lin’s Southern Sleuth Series, thanks to its supernatural, Gothic horror, and mystery components!

The Ghost in Her

The Ghost in Her is about the story of Maggie O’Connor; an Irish woman descended from a long line of seers. Although Maggie doesn’t want to run into ghosts, she is powerless to stop them from doing so. Maggie just came to terms with the notion that she will always see ghosts. After witnessing the death of her sister Nessa due to childbirth, Maggie had to work extra hard to keep herself alive and her sister’s baby. When an evil neighbor kidnaps her sister’s baby, Maggie’s life worsens. Now it’s up to Maggie to save the stolen baby. Will the help of a handsome lad named Gershom, the ghosts, and Andrew Carnegie, one of America’s wealthiest men, be able to do it? Read more to find out!

Aside from the supernatural and romance aspect, I love that this book depicts the reality of life. All the characters had undergone a series of challenges and trials before they reached their excellent and beautiful resolution. 

Making Your Kind of Fairytale

Fairytales can be exaggerated for media consumption; it makes everyone’s standards higher. Despite this, remember that it can also happen in real life. You must be realistic and lower your expectations. Fairytales don’t go smoothly. You won’t wake up one day to find a knight and shining armor next to you. It takes years to meet the one and put your life altogether. 

If there’s one thing fairytales and reality have in common—it’s suffering. Unlike fairytales wherein ‘Happy ever after’ happens after that one major trial, our life is full of challenges that will shape who we are as a person. It’s continuous and full of lessons and experiences that will help us be better versions of ourselves. Indeed, life can be hard sometimes. There can be days when you feel like giving up already. Days where you think nothing is going right anymore. But what’s important is to keep pushing forward and not let life’s challenges tear you down. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed, we will all meet our ‘Happily Ever After’ someday. 

You can check out and pre-order The Ghost in Her on Amazon. The kindle version only retails for $3.49. Make sure to get it!

For more information about Anika Savoy, you can visit her on her website and personal blog. You may also find her on Facebook and Twitter.