Relish App Approved Fun Couples Games

Fun is one of the most important things for couples to have together. No one wants their marriage or relationship to be all work and no play. What’s the point in that? Right? Of course, finding the right kinds of games for couples to play can be a little intimidating at any stage of the relationship. These games are great fun for couples and even appropriate to play with other couples in your friend group. The key is to play games you both find fun to play.

Board Games

Not all board games are created equal. While some couples are happy to play Monopoly, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit, other couples prefer something a little more adventuresome, like Zombicide, Pandemic, Settlers of Catan, or Elder Signs. These board games teach you about winning well, losing well, and the spirit of healthy competition. They also reveal a lot about your personalities and how well you play together.

Card Games

Card games have evolved in recent years and are much more sophisticated than the old game of “Go Fish.” Today you have a wide range of fun and entertaining, even highly competitive card game options that include games like Apples to Apples and, if you are truly daring, Cards Against Humanity. Whether you’re playing with just the two of you or with larger groups of people, card games can be great ways to pass time that pay for themselves in entertainment hours far more quickly than movie nights or dinner on the town.

Video Games

For decades, women have complained about men spending all their time playing video games and none with them. Yet there is no reason women can’t dive in and enjoy the action. In fact, it can become a great bonding experience you share over bowls of fruit loops, takeout pizza, or scrambled eggs, hastily cooked while taking a five or ten-minute break from the on-screen action.

The bottom line is this: the couple that plays together stays together. These games allow couples to spend countless hours engaged in games that are fun, thrilling, competitive, and enlightening about each other.

How Can Relish Help You Up Your Relationship Game?

Relish understands the importance of spending time together engaged in things you both find fun. The games mentioned above, and so many more, can help you learn to work cooperatively to accomplish certain tasks or missions, or even to crush the competition. They can also teach you how to win and lose graciously to each other, which is an important relationship-builder in its own right.

Relish is a relationship training app that can be highly beneficial in helping you build closer relationships, improve communication, and so much more to build and maintain healthy relationships and marriages. Try Relish today, for a seven-day FREE trial to see what a difference it can make for the strength of your relationship.