Mindless Behaviors: Break Through Unseen Barriers by Beatrice Adenodi: an author’s portrait

It’s no secret that every author pours some part of themselves in their works. Right from the introduction of her first book Mindless Behaviors, Beatrice Adenodi explains that this book was born from her own self-reflective journey. Let’s learn more about the author through what she shares in the book.


One important element of this book is identity: it is naturally at the heart of our human experience. Beatrice Adenodi is a first-generation Nigerian-American immigrant, one part of her identity that had considerable influence on her journey. She doesn’t go into details about her origins and family and how it shaped her own person throughout her life, but she does share one important event.

In the last part of the book, she explains the tragedy that she experienced during her period of self-reflection: her father was deported back to Nigeria, following legal issues. After the different emotional reactions she had, she tried to understand how all of it happened, and realized it was because of unawareness. This search for awareness, for clarity, and honesty, drove the writing of this book.

From this personal tragedy, she understood that not living authentically and being unaware of toxic behaviors in us and in others can impact our life dramatically.

Life-changing decision

This book and project would not be there if she hadn’t made the decision to turn her life around in the first place, a few years prior.

Adenodi confesses that she was working in a software company when she first realized her life was not her own. She realized that she couldn’t find any drive nor growth in her position; a job she admitted she took because she “thought it would be best to put my big girl pants on and conform to the rest of the world” (page 8).

On the personal side, she finally saw that her situation wasn’t healthy either: she was supporting her parents, she was constantly helping her friends, and trying to reconnect with an ex-partner, all at the same time. She admits that because of this accumulation of behaviors, she barely had time to take care of herself.

“Mindless Behaviors”: Adenodi’s project

On top of enacting deep change in her life, Adenodi also decided to write this book, Mindless Behaviors, and articulate an entire project. From this book derived the idea of the platform also called “Mindless Behaviors”: a platform to raise awareness of these toxic behaviors, by organizing social events, workshops, and one-on-one sessions. Through this project, she seeks to rouse awakening and encourage people to question their beliefs and biases, and whether they’re living authentically or not.

She has the desire to pass on her findings and the knowledge she gained from self-reflection, instead of keeping them for herself. As she explains on page 135: “Because if they [people] can understand my journey, perhaps they might be better equipped to navigate their own.”

And while she warns that other people can be catalysts for mindless behaviors, she also reminds us that thoughtfulness is essential: others cannot bear the blame at all time, and it’s important to be kind because we all go through pain and negative experiences (page 139).

Through her first work, Mindless Behaviors, we discover Beatrice Adenodi as a motivated person, resolute in her desire to help people grow into their authentic self. She seems compassionate and inspirational, using her own experiences, her own life lessons to guide others through their journey.

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