Laurel Anne Hill’s Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits, 1846 Is Here

If you haven’t heard, Laurel Anne Hill’s new book Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits, 1846 is finally here! Many readers who read her previous book back in 2017, The Engine Woman’s Light which won over thirteen honors and awards have since been itching to get their hands on another adventure from Laurel Anne Hill. In The Engine Woman’s Light, we met fifteen year old Juanita who had a mystical vision and set out to sabotage the railroad that took innocent victims to a murderous asylum. Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits, 1846 takes a turn as we adventure with a new protagonist, Catalina Delgado, the heroine of this historical fantasy that takes place in Alta, California.

Life as Catalina Delgado Knows It Is about to Make a Drastic and Complete Change

In Laurel Anne’s newest adventure, sixteen-year-old Catalina Delgado’s life abruptly changes as The Bear Flaggers, invaders from The United States declare war on her beloved country, Mexico. They’ve already imprisoned her family’s close friend General Vallejo and as war breaks out, Catalina tries to find a way to save everyone she loves. With 1800’s Alta California as its backdrop and war breaking out, fans of Laura Anne Hill’s The Engine Womans Light will not be disappointed!  

Sixteen Year Old Catalina Delgado Has Her Heart Set on Marriage, Raising a Family And… Being Whisked Away by a Mysterious Spirit Man Riding an Andalusian Horse? 

What readers will love about Plague of Flies is Laurel Anne’s sense of honoring history, her own ancestry and how she uniquely, yet seamlessly weaves these themes with elements of fantasy such as Spirits and the Spirit Man and his horse into Plague of Flies. Lovers of Laurel Anne Hill’s other books will appreciate the similar themes of history and honor and new readers will be drawn to her strong heroines who are also vulnerable and still learning about life amidst the tragedies that befall them. It’s within these tragedies that her heroines meet interesting and fantastical characters who help them along their paths! This entwinement of relatability; the familiar with fantasy and adventure makes Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Flies, 1846 highly anticipated.  

Read Laurel Anne Hill’s interview here, visit her at her website and grab a copy of Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Flies, 1846.