Becoming A Nurse Practitioner Health Coach

For many people becoming a nurse is not about the money or prestige – in fact, it is a profession that is known for long hours – and low remuneration. However – it called be called a calling rather than a profession. Registered nurses know about the sacrifices that they must make in order to follow their chosen profession. However, that being said many nurses are becoming increasingly disillusioned with what they see as the blinkered focus of Western medicine on treating symptoms – rather than taking a holistic view of human beings. After all, people consist of more than just blood, bones, nerves sinew, and muscle. They are complex. They have physical and mental needs, as well as relationships, and spiritual aspects.

The lack of focus on people as complex organisms made up of many parts, emotional as well as physical – and not being able to service those needs has made many nurses disillusioned – and led to a deep sense of dissatisfaction that affects them in many ways.

Fortunately, there is a growing movement toward the holistic practice of nursing. Organizations such as The Nurse Coach Collective are now offering certification that allows registered nurses to practice as Nurse Coaches. Their Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program is ideally suited to those nurses who want to take the next step in their professional development and want to enjoy the fulfillment that comes from helping patients to take charge of their health and wellbeing – and heal, as well as enjoy a better quality of life.

The certification provides nurses with the skills to treat the whole patient – including the skills to advise and mentor those patients in areas such as nutrition, mindfulness, movement, sleep habits, personal relations, and much more. 

The Nurse Coach Certification Program is an entirely online dedicated Nurse Coach instructor (with support calls available) that will allow you to study while you retain your current position. The course is supported by training videos and a wealth of downloadable resources, and a vibrant online community of nurses that are now leading much more fulfilled and satisfying lives due to their certification.

The certification has been approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association and is accepted by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corp as part of the board requirements for the National Nurse Coach Board Certification. These are important considerations. There are many so-called ‘health coaches out there – many without any sort of certification as well. A certification by a recognized authority will open many doors (as well as allow you the satisfaction of personal growth).

There is increasing recognition of the limits of treating the symptoms of patients. For instance, there is an incredible amount of research that supports the notion that mental well-being is an integral part of the healing process. Patients who have a positive mental attitude – and are guided in ways to ensure that they are emotionally fulfilled tend to heal far quicker – and resume their position as valuable parts of their community.

A Nurse Practitioner Health Coach qualification is within reach of all those who have an active, unrestricted license as an RN. That’s it. It doesn’t matter what your specialty is – or how long you have been in the profession. If you meet these requirements all it takes is dedication, and the willingness to recognize that being a nurse does not mean being unfulfilled. On the contrary, you will be joining thousands of other nurses who have found a new purpose in their professional lives. They have learned to harness two of the most important aspects of being a nurse – listening from the heart – and empathizing with the patient. Leveraging your skills as a Nurse Practitioner Health Coach will be invaluable in making a difference not only in the lives of your patients but also in your own.

The A Nurse Practitioner Health Coach certification will only take seven months of your time. To be sure those seven months will require focus – but you will not be on your own. The nurse coach community consists of thousands – and they are constantly there as a support resource. Not only will they be able to answer many of the questions you might have – but the value of this close-knit community extends to encouragement and emotional support. this is a journey that is rewarding not only in terms of a final certification – but also rewarding in the connections that you will make during your journey toward becoming a holistic nursing practitioner.

If you are currently dissatisfied with your role as a nurse and know that there is a better and more fulfilling way towards providing patients with the guidance they need to lead a better life then becoming a Nurse Practitioner Health Coach is your path to a better future.

To Learn More about becoming a certified Nurse Coach visit  The Nurse Coach Collective.