Jono James on Conquering a Terminal Illness & Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur.

A terminal illness significantly alters your worldview and life goals. Whereas others dream of achieving a certain profession, someone with a terminal illness may only have one goal in mind-to survive. We talked to nutrition expert, author, and entrepreneur Jono James to learn about his journey to conquer a terminal illness and become a successful entrepreneur. 

Jono James’ journey 

Jono James was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a life condition that damages the lungs and makes it difficult to fight infection. The doctors told his parents that he had less than ten years to live when he was born. They even advised the parents not to get too attached to him. 

Cystic Fibrosis meant that Jono had to fight for his life every hour of every day. The disease affects other organs as well-meaning that the pancreas doesn’t work properly. If the pancreas doesn’t work, diabetes becomes a possibility. 

Jono says that he spent most of his childhood on antibiotics. Whenever the antibiotics stopped working, the doctors would admit him to the hospital, where he would have a tube inserted into the artery of his arm. He would then have to go for weeks on harsh IV antibiotics. All the while, the bacteria would mutate and adapt to the antibiotics. 

Jono’s parents never gave up on their son. They went above and beyond to ensure that he survived. They also taught him that health has more to do than what we put in our bodies. Health also involves our mindset/psychology and many other factors. His parents’ determination and lessons motivated Jono to fight for his life. 

Becoming a successful entrepreneur 

Jono’s life-long battle with Cystic Fibrosis led him on the path to entrepreneurship. He recalls how a ten-day outward-bound school camp went horribly wrong as he had a serious infection. The infection reminded him that he needed to be vigilant about his health. Jono spent endless hours researching anything about health, including natural medicine, diet, e.t.c. 

Jono also learned about ice baths. He followed the teachings and lifestyle of a self-proclaimed iceman called Wim Hof. Jono decided to try ice bathing but was frustrated by the limited solutions in the market. He decided to invent an ice bath so that people would easily access the benefits of this therapy. 

To Conclude 

Jono is now 34 years old. His dedication to health and nutrition has helped him fight terminal illness. Jono attributes his longevity to regular ice baths. He launched the Odin Ice Bath, which he invented in his mum’s garage, in late 2021. Yet, within months, he is on track to sell $4M worth in 12 months. . Such has been the high demand for Odin; Jono is now shipping Odin Ice Baths across Australia, the U.S, and Europe.

Jono’s ice bath is durable, user-friendly, and low-maintenance. It has a barrel look, and the exterior is made from clear western red cedar. The interior is made from brushed steel providing beauty and durability. Jono invented the Odin Ice Bath so that others could enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of cold water therapy in the comfort of their own home, without the high maintenance. His entrepreneurship journey is proof that health is more than just medication and food; it also requires a resilient mindset. You can check out the Odin website to learn more.