Flooding safety tips

There are a lot of important things to know about preparation for flooding. You never know when it's going to happen, and when it does, it's usually costly and devastating. Some people who live in low-lying areas should always be concerned with making sure their homes and other properties are well protected against any potential flooding. Floods can occur for several reasons, such as runoff from high rivers or creeks that feed large lakes, overflowing storm drains, or even clogged storm water pipes. Regardless of the cause of the flooding, it's still a serious situation, and you will want to be prepared. The importance of preparing for flooding can be illustrated in a basic manner. Consider the following scenario: You have a small garden shed on your property, along with…
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How To Plan the Perfect Wedding on a Budget

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The wedding cost can literally cast a shadow over the engagement bliss. However, it’s completely possible to throw a budget-friendly wedding that’s beautiful, stylish, memorable and affordable. 1. Cost of a Wedding The average cost of a wedding is more than a down payment on a great home. From paying for the venue to the cost of make-up and the dress for the bride, the dollars are just flying out of the bank accounts. There's no shortage of parts to a wedding, and many of them can really pop a dent in the wallet. The Knot has provided some averages back in 2017. Starting from the highest, the venue’s average cost is about $16,000. It is followed by the music band at around $4,000. The florist, the ceremony site, the videographer and…
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