5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Your Next Party

Image Source: Pexels.com

Whether you are planning for a weekend party, a backyard barbeque, or just a few friends to come over, you want to ensure your guests feel at home. You have to prepare your house ready to host any type of rally. Below are five ways to prepare your home for your next party.

1. The First Impression

The first thing your guest will see is the front entry. Ensure the front way is clean and welcoming. If you have windows on your door, clean them. Make sure there is no grim or any sort of dirt on the floor.

Have enough space for shoes, hanging coats even if it is in the closet or out in the hallway. One thing you can do is to have a Designated Purse Area (DPA). This will help your visitors or anyone coming to know where they can put their purse. This way is safe because everyone knows where to find them at the end of the bash.

2. Bathroom Preparation

Your bathroom is one room your visitors are going to use whether you like it or not. To start with, check your medicine cabinet. Your guests might have a peep and you will feel relaxed if you know there is nothing personal inside there.

Now, ensure you have enough clean hand towels and hand soap. If your house is small with one bathroom, separate your bath towel. You will not want to see visitors using your towel.

Finally, ensure you have enough toilet paper. It is awkward for your guests to start walking around searching for them. Have a plunger in case of any slow toilet moments.

3. Clean the Windows

You don’t have to clean every room but this applies to those rooms your party is going to be. The windows should be cleaned on the inside and outside. We hardly think about windows but when they are covered in dirt it affects the general beauty of your space.

4. Empty the Trash and Dishwasher

Whether you are hosting a cocktail party or a full-on dinner party, the pile of dishes and trash that accumulate can blow away your mind. Don’t start your party with a dishwasher full of utensils or trash. It will lead to pile-ups and will lead to several disturbances. Guest are likely to put food and garbage where it belongs. Avoid the mess and have everything in order.

While you’re cleaning up the kitchen, consider installing a reverse osmosis water filler. You will want your visitors to drink clean water. No one likes dirty or bad-tasting tap water and will be pleasantly surprised when they take a gulp of clean, fresh water. 

5. Make the Room Smell Great

The moment your visitors walk into your house, the smell of your house will affect them positively or negatively. You want to be that guy whom when guests walk in, they smile and feel at home. You will not want them to sniff and look at each other.

Have some fresh flowers, diffuse some essential oils, and all my favorites. If you have pets like cats, ensure the litter box is empty. Spray a fabric refresher on ant upholstery. Also, some visitors are allergic to pets, so the best you can do is do a little vacuuming. It will free any danger to quests who are allergic to pets.

Expect the Unexpected

While you do not expect the worst to happen, you certainly have to prepare and expect it. Have an emergency preparedness kit just in case. Cleaning clothes, stain removers are all supposed to be ready. The party might become messy at some point – especially if you are blasting metal music. Keep all this in mind. Let the party begin!