Making Money Moves Affordable For the LGBTQIA+ World 

The queer community is underrepresented in the business industry. However, Sickening Events, a locally owned queer events management and ticketing platform gives corporations a run for their money. 

Reid Lawrence, the owner and founder of Sickening Events, aims to offer affordable services to the queer community. Reid is a frugal millennial entrepreneur who carries this aspect into their business ventures. They like to save their clients’ money. They don’t believe in charging people more than they should. As a member of the LGBTQ community, Reid offers high-quality and affordable services to the community. 

Reid started working at the age of 18. They filmed drag performances at a local gay bar in college. While working, they realized that most drag performers could not access expensive online services from big corporations. Reid was passionate about the drag and LGBTQ community, and entrepreneurship. He came up with a way to monetize his platform further.

Web Design Segment

While offering their videography services to drag performers, they began designing websites for them at a fee. This enabled the drag performers and queer artists to show and promote their brand to the world. These websites provide important information about the artists and links to their social platforms.

The websites are customizable, showcasing the artists’ brand; they are feature-rich and easy to use. This makes it easy for both the artist and their fans to navigate the website. It also makes it easy for fans to know where their favorite artist will be performing and purchase tickets.

Reid had realized that significant corporations were charging thousands of dollars to design websites. They provided this service to their community at a much lower fee. These websites help local and queer artists stand on their own and promote their work. 

Sickening Events Ticketing Platform Features and Benefits

Sickening Events prides itself in its accessibility and affordability. They provide high-quality services at a friendly price. They offer customizable fees that cater to the clients’ needs and wallets.

Unlike Eventbrite and other events management and ticketing platforms, Sickening Events do not charge extra fees, monthly subscriptions, and marketing fees. These actions help the artist or event holder make and keep more money.

Sickening Events offers free marketing and event promotion through website creation and in-platform marketing. They have a partnership with the social event discovery platform, They posted all Sickening Events on, free of charge.

Unlike Eventbrite and other major ticketing platforms, Sickening Events does not own the clients’ data and thus cannot use or resell the data without the client’s consent, ensuring that the clients’ data is secure.

Sickening Events has ticketing technology that enables them to run virtual events, selling tickets to watch restricted online content on YouTube and other online platforms. This helps artists monetize and promote their content.

Sickening Events offers unique ticketing services such as interactive seat selection, upgrade and transfer tickets, multi-day and season pass, and series and timed entry. These services help make things convenient for attendees and enable the event to run smoothly.

Reid Lawrence is passionate about ensuring that people aren’t paying more than they are supposed to while also getting what they need. Reid hopes to provide affordable services to the queer community. Their white label company, Sickening Events, rivals major events and ticketing platforms such as Eventbrite, delivering better services at an affordable price.

Everyone deserves access to services that help them promote and market their brand. It is wrong for significant companies to exploit artists to provide services. Thanks to Lawrence Reid and their company, Sickening Events, the LGBTQ community has someone looking out for them.