How I Cleanse Myself of Negative Thoughts and Depression

Life sure isn’t easy. Not for anyone, no matter how great it may appear to be from the outside looking in. We all have problems, situations, and even demons. And you know what? There is nothing wrong with that. It’s something that is part of life.

It’s how you deal with those things that shapes who you are as a person and what path your life travels down. The thing is, no matter what cards we are dealt, we still have full control over how we react.

I wanted to blog what I do to handle negativity and how I remain positive and thinking clearly, even when faced with life’s challenges.


There are a lot of reasons why I do yoga, and its mental health benefits are one of the main ones. I do it every morning, six days a week and it has really contributed to my clear thinking.

I feel so relaxed after a session and it really does a great job at reducing my stress and anxiety levels. Some people may be reluctant, but if you give it a try I think you will see how effective it can be.

Eat Healthy and Detox Juice Cleanse

When we eat bad we tend to feel bad about ourselves after.

The body naturally feels sluggish and lazy after eating processed food loaded with junk and sugar. Some foods give us a high and then a crash.

When you commit to eating healthy it will improve your mental state of mind. You think more clearly, you have more energy and you feel better about yourself.

juice cleanse

Spend Time with Family

We tend to get wrapped up in work and our own lives so much that we spend little to no time with family and friends. You need to make an effort to schedule regular time with those closest to you.

It allows you to take your mind off of things that may be bothering you. It’s good for them as well. Encourage holding each other accountable and make an effort to grab lunch or dinner once a week, or even just a quick coffee. It’s healthy.

Talk to My Psychiatrist

I go into speak to my doctor once a month. It’s a 60 minute meeting where we catch up and talk about anything that is bothering me. Being able to vent is so helpful

I found mine using, and there are plenty of options available no matter where you live. You can search online or ask your general care doctor if they have any recommendations.

talking to a medical professional


Writing my thoughts down is very helpful to me and I think a lot of people are able to write, whether it be blogging or actually journaling, and remove negative thoughts by transferring them out of the mind and onto paper.

I like to do it at night before I go to bed. I have found that it helps me relax and I am able to doze off much quicker, with nothing racing through my mind. I keep my journal next to my bed on my nightstand and spend 10-15 minutes writing in it every single evening.

Listen to Music

If I ever find myself stressed in the middle of the day I reach for my iPod and play some relaxing music. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, the soothing music calms me.

I’m able to quickly relax and then get back to whatever I was doing with a much more clear train of thought.