How Dr. Stephanie Krol Becomes The Go-To Person On Reversing Disease In Pets

Dogs have been, and will always be, part of people’s lives. Since ancient times, dogs have been human travel companions and helped early hunter-gatherers hunt for their next meal, but in today’s times, for many dog lovers, our canine friends are our family members.

That’s what we are here to share with you today. One avid dog lover is striving to help dogs worldwide live healthy, pain-free lives. “I have to confess that I cannot stand seeing one sick dog or cat in pain or any animal for that matter,” Dr. Stephanie Krol shared. Dr. Stephanie is a former Higher Education Dean who became a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist. The former award-winning educator, turned pet wellness specialist, is pursuing her passion for healing all dogs through a proper diet. “I have always had a strong emotional connection with all animals and a couple of humans. So, I have always been passionate about them,” she said.

Dr. Stephanie helps dog owners to find the root cause of particular diseases in their pets and creates a plan to reverse them through a comprehensive nutrition plan. “Many dogs are suffering due to eating unhealthy food, that’s not even species appropriate. Most of the diseases that bring suffering and pain to dogs are preventable through proper diet,” she added.

Getting To Know Dr. Stephanie

Dr. Stephanie is highly regarded in the academic world for her excellence and professionalism in the for-profit, Allied Health section of for-profit education. In addition, she is an award-winning professor and a sought-after Dean for Higher Education school turnaround and accreditation . After Dr. Stephanie moved on  from higher education administration, she rekindled her deep passion for animal welfare by becoming a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist. She specializes in disease remission and reversal in people as a Functional Medicine Practitioner. Hence, she becomes the go-to person of dog owners to take good care of their dogs the right way too.

Dr. Stephanie’s soft spot for animals goes back to when she was still young. She shared that while growing up, she dreamed of becoming a horse veterinarian. “I was only five years old when I started riding and jumping with horses. I started as a jumper,” she added. For more than three decades, she had earned numerous jumpers, rallies, and dressage awards as an equestrian, but, unfortunately, she was forced to retire her horse with one score shy of a bronze medal in Dressage because he suffered from navicular complications. “Seeing my horse in pain tore me up, often standing on three legs at times to remove the weight off his feet, as we tried other methods of helping him before resorting to a surgery that finally made him pain free” she added.

Dr. Stephanie was preparing to become an equine veterinarian. While in high school, she earned her C3 level as a Pony Clubber. It is known as a prep program for children who aspire to be horse veterinarians or to pursue jobs in the equine industry of various concentrations, in her case it was just that. Then, she became a trained Veterinary Technician and Laboratory Technician at the age of 16. She held these roles in the first two years in college, while completing her first degree in psychology. Supposedly, she was bound to become a veterinarian. However, she chose differently after learning the small animal section of the business, which  led her to complete a doctorate in Education and pursue academics.. 

Once again, Dr. Stephanie is doing something which she is very passionate about. She knows that what she is doing right now, will help contribute, so dogs can live happy and healthy lives.

Aside from being a Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist, Dr. Stephanie holds a Certified and Accredited Animal Psychology/Pets Behavior Specialist. The former educator is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, having attained Professional status..

Proper Diet Is Key To Reverse Disease In Pets

Dr. Stephanie is the proud dog owner of a Jack Russell Terrier named Winston. Together, they enjoy strolling in the park, wherein they pick on people who are not paying attention to their dogs, and wake them with fun barks. However,  she nearly lost her best friend,  because the vets told her that her dog is aging. She refused to accept the vet’s prognosis. So Dr. Stephanie took the matter into her own hands.

Dr. Stephanie vowed that she would make her dog healthy again. “I took the big risks and prayed I was on the right track for big rewards because I did not want to lose my dog. So I used my decades of experience in research and experimentation to save my dog,” she explained.

Through research, and lengthy consultations with top veterinarians in the country, Dr. Stephanie developed the proper diet for Winston to regain his vitality. The simple tweak in his  diet is what  made a big difference. Although it took some time before Winston became fully  healthy again, Dr. Stephanie saw amazing weekly progress. “When I saw what happened to my dog, I knew that I should share it with the world.It was just the right thing to do!” There are dogs around the world who are suffering. The proper diet could optimize their health and lifespan. It will also help them live a pain-free and joyful life, not to mention the countless dogs and cats out there with no treatment available,” she added. Today, Winston continues to join Dr. Stephanie walking in the park filled with energy, love, and vitality.

“Your dog’s diet ratio needs will vary from one to another. Hence, it is essential to learn the unique nutritional requirement of your dog,” Dr. Stephanie explained. In addition, she pointed out that dog owners should educate themselves to allow their dogs to live happy and healthy lives. “Dog owners tend to feed their dogs around their convenience and not based on their dog’s health. We need to change that perspective and start giving our dogs the right food that they need to create health and wellness,” she said.

Dr. Stephanie invites dog owners to learn how to restore their dog’s health through a specialized diet. She added that they would discover how to build the immune systems of their dogs, so their best buddies will not get sick, and if they did in the process have the greatest chance of fending off disease and illness “They can also learn how to prevent disease in their dog or reverse it if it already exists. A proper raw diet is vital in keeping your dog healthy,” she said.

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