BarxBuddy Review: The Best Anti-Barking Training Device [2020 Gadgets]

There are few people who would disagree that dogs make great pets! From their loving demeanor, fluffy cuddles, and playful personalities, man’s best friends have truly earned their nickname. While their reputation precedes them, many might dive into being a pet parent without realizing just how difficult being a pet parent can actually be. One of the most common concerns by new (and old!) dog owners is how to train them. That’s where the BarxBuddy anti-barking training device comes in.

BarxBuddy is a revolutionary dog training device that is effective, safe, affordable, and easy, BarxBuddy’s success speaks for itself. Whether training a new puppy or working on implementing new behaviors with an established pet, BarxBuddy’s system was created for any pet despite age, history, or personality. Learn more about the best anti-barking training device with our BarxBuddy review!


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Let’s jump to the chase – does BarxBuddy work? Yes! Having worked with professional dog trainers, I know that two things are important: positive reinforcement and consistent training. What I’ve found from my experience was that training your dog through positivity and consistency was easier said than done. While I can provide an environment fueled by treats and routine, the world is full of distractions that cause my dog to perform undesirable behaviors. The real question came down to how to change that behavior through positivity alone. BarxBuddy works by emitting a high-pitched noise that grabs your dog’s attention. This allows you to bring your dog’s attention back to you no matter the environment or distraction. Why is this important? Once you have your dog’s attention, you can go about reinforcing your pup giving you their attention and move past the undesirable behavior!


Personally, I’d never used a dog training device because the only ones that I had ever heard of involved shocking, pulling, or another method that I simply didn’t feel comfortable using on best furry friend. BarxBuddy is a unique anti-barking training device. You can use it while having no physical contact between the device and your dog. In fact, the device is so safe that anyone can use it, anywhere – even small children! Learn more about the safety of this small device here


While dog training courses can rack up a hefty bill, BarxBuddy helps you to get similar results at a much smaller price tag to you! Still unsure? BarxBuddy offers fifty percent off your first purchase with free shipping to make it even more affordable for your budget! 


Not only is BarxBuddy safe, but it’s also easy to use! The BarxBuddy anti-barking training device is designed to be used on the go and fits into the palm of your hand. BarxBuddy’s simple design allows you to slip it around your wrist and utilize a simple button system to emit noise or turn on a light. This system makes it easy to bring with you on walks and use consistently – the true key to successful dog training! If you’re still unsure about investing in BarxBuddy, there’s a 30-day hassle free warranty. If you don’t like the device, you can return it at no cost to you!