Gadget Review: The Easiest Way To Stop Annoying Dog Barking, Use BarxBuddy

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I’m always on the lookout for new gadgets that can make my life easier, and as a lifetime dog owner, I’m always willing to try out new pet-related gadgets. Many times, adding a little gadget or gizmo can actually make a big difference in your life. And as much as I love my pup, she has one big problem: she barks nonstop. BarxBuddy is a gadget designed to stop annoying dog barking, and I started seeing it pop up on my social media feeds. This positive review piqued my interest, and then I saw that this pet owner was able to completely train their dog with BarxBuddy. That’s when I decided to see what all the fuss was about and see if BarxBuddy lived up to its expectations… Plus, at the time, I was desperate for a way to get my dog to stop her non-stop barking. I decided to review this gadget, so you can decide if BarxBuddy is right for you to use.

How it works

BarxBuddy is a handy little device, that emits a high-pitched noise that only dogs can hear. When your dog is misbehaving or barking, you use the BarxBuddy to get them to stop. The idea is that the high-pitched noise will distract them. I found that my pup responded well to the BarxBuddy noise. But the device also has an LED light, which you can use to get your dog’s attention as well.

How to use it

As I mentioned, when your dog is misbehaving or barking, you use the BarxBuddy to get their attention. When they’re paying attention to you, you have them sit calmly for a little while. Once they’re focused and calm, you can give them some positive reinforcement. I rewarded my girl with a treat and a head scratch. 

Why I stuck with BarxBuddy

I found BarxBuddy to be very handy. I prefer to train my dog at home, instead of bringing her to outside training classes. In the past, I’ve found those classes to be expensive, and ineffective, because it’s difficult to maintain the training at home. With BarxBuddy, I have a much more affordable option. Plus, I’m able to be the one in control of the training process, and I believe that consistency is key when it comes to successfully training your pup.

I also like that the gadget is portable. I keep one in my pocket when we go on walks, and one in the living room, so I can reach for it whenever I need. It’s small, and easy to take wherever I go. 

Worry-free trial

I love that BarxBuddy makes it easy to try their gadget, worry-free. There’s a 30-day hassle-free return policy, which made me much more willing to give the gadget a try. Plus, you get 50% off your first order, and free shipping as well.

To learn more about BarxBuddy, you can check out their website, and follow them on their Facebook and Twitter.