A 5D Perspective Of Energy; This Is What You Have Been Missing Out

When you go to the store you’ll find a multitude of supplements that claim to boost energy. Some of us consume energy drinks and foods to enhance our energy levels to face the challenges of the day. But what if there’s a better, enduring way to keep your energy revived? We had the opportunity to speak to Livia Devi to discover her revolutionary 5D perspective of energy that most people are missing out on. 

Livia Devi 

Livia Devi is a new earth leader, 5D mentor, and entrepreneur who is on a mission to share the teachings that she receives from the Arcturian Council of Light. Assisted by her guides, Livia’s teachings have empowered and transformed the lives of thousands by helping them break the paradigm of regular life by going on a journey of self-discovery and self-realization. 

Livia leads powerful group channeling programs and activations through her teaching quantum technology from 5D/7D multidimensionality. She teaches entrepreneurs, leaders, and other people who are on a journey to transform their lives how to navigate realities and timelines by co-creating with civilizations that exist in higher realms of existence. 

Livia worked in the IT field for 15 years before she had her awakening. She went through an experience that fully awakened her to the spiritual dimension where she let go of her old identity and became an empty vessel of life and energy to the energies existing in the higher realms of existence. 

Livia’s 5D Perspective of Energy 

Livia has become a messenger for the civilizations existing in the higher realm of existence, particularly the Arctuarian Council where she spent most of her time in her past life. She has transitioned from what she calls the third dimension which is a dimension that most people are stuck in. This dimension consists of our physical identity where we are slaves to the old concepts of time and space. In this dimension, people are stuck in a routine and experience fear, stress, or anxiety when things change. 

Livia teaches people to become fully awakened to the fifth dimension of consciousness. In this fifth dimension, time and space are not linear. As such, a person gets access to an endless stream of energy that helps them transform their lives and create their own reality. 

Most people are stuck in linear time, where things progress from past to present and future. So when people are looking into concepts like how to become the best versions of themselves, how to be better leaders, or how to communicate better, they engage in endless training.But what if there was an effortless way to do things? 

Livia’s training helps  people tap into this effortless way of transforming your life and your reality. As a high achiever who was stuck in the IT world, Livia says that she reached a point where she experienced burnout as she was always looking for ways to improve herself. However, when she awakened to her heart consciousness and began connecting to her different aspects of self, she became open to the 5D perspective of energy. 

To Conclude 

Livia’s 5D perspective is truly revolutionary and has changed the lives of those who are open to explore this new dimension. You can check out her teachings on Youtube or via her website. You can also connect with her on social media.