6 Tips to Help You Totally Declutter Your House This Weekend

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Did you know that too much clutter in your home is bad for you? There are a ton of reasons why according to WebMD, saying it’s bad for both your physical and mental health.

It’s a fire hazard, necessitating the consideration of fire extinguisher hire. It collects dust and contributes to allergies and asthma, etc. It’s not good, so let me help you get rid of it in a weekend. I’ve done it myself and it was a game changer! It feels so good to watch it all go!

This is my six-step plan of attack. Enjoy!

1. Hit every room with a notebook and pen.

The easiest way to get started is to go room by room and write down everything that you want gone. Write it down and create a list. Do this in every single room and take inventory.

Don’t avoid anything – it doesn’t matter how big or small something is. If it’s clutter it goes on the list. If you want it out of your house, it goes on the list. Be thorough and don’t rush this part. It’s important.

2. Don’t let attachment sway your decision to get rid of something.

The main reason people hoard stuff is because they feel attached to it. Don’t let that stop you from getting rid of stuff you will never use again. Sell it and let someone else put it to use rather than it just collecting dust and get in the way. But in case you opt to keep it, getting a storage space may be the viable solution especially if they’re bulky like furnitures or decorations that were passed on from generations to generations.

If something was once used often but has been sitting idle for years, you have to be honest with yourself. Will you EVER use it again? Are you 100% certain you WILL use it again? If not just get rid of it.

3. Sign up for multiple online marketplaces.

Once you identify everything you want gone you need places to list it so people can come buy it and take it off your hands. The most common options are eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and local newspapers.

There are also a lot of marketplace and sites that host auctions. Sign up for as many as you can. You never know what is going to appeal to someone or what people are searching for. The more places you can list your stuff for sale the better the chance of you getting rid of it all via sales (and money in your pocket) instead of paying to have it removed.

sell your junk online

4. Take a lot of pictures.

If you want your listings to sell you have to take great pictures and a lot of them. Multiple angles, close ups, etc. Do it right the first time, because the last thing you want to do is have people messaging you asking for more pictures. The only messages you should be worried about are the ones wanting to buy stuff from you.

You don’t need a fancy camera. Just use your iPhone and make sure there is good lighting. You can never have too many photos for your listings.

5. Write great descriptions.

Just like with the pictures, you don’t want to skimp on your description. Write as much detailed information about the item as possible.

This will eliminate time wasting questions and back and forth messages. It will also help in the search, as potential buyers will often search phrases related to what they are looking to buy. You stand a better chance of matching the more thorough your listings are.

6. Have a shipping plan in place to stay organized.

Once stuff does start selling you need to send it off, so it’s best you have shipping planned out beforehand. This makes it easier to manage, but it also helps you charge the right amount to ship the item.

The las thing you want to happen is you lose money or make less than you wanted because you didn’t calculate the shipping costs correctly.