6 Clever Ways To Style Cashmere Leggings For Work

Leggings are often associated with a comfortable casual appearance and even modern offices tend to frown upon employees sporting leggings to work. It is often deemed inappropriate and unprofessional in most instances, but is it really? Getting away with wearing cashmere leggings to an office is possible, but it all comes down to the clever styling details that make this practice wholly acceptable. When paired with the correct tunic or the right dress, leggings can and should look professional.

Exercising Caution With Workplace Cashmere Leggings

There’s a time and a place to wear leggings. For an office environment without a strict dress code, it all comes down to correct pairings and styling. The length of the leggings themselves will also play a major role in determining their level of appropriateness for the office. For example, sporty leggings are shorter in length and are informal as they want to promote freedom of movement. These types of leggings aren’t workplace appropriate, regardless of how they’re worn. On the other hand, longer length styles that are easily paired with skirts, a dress, or even a longer tunic are able to transcend barriers and work well for casual attire.

6 Clever Styling Tips For Cashmere Leggings

1. Pair With Tunic Length Sweaters

The easiest way to ensure that a pair of compression legging are workplace appropriate is to simply pair them with a tunic length sweater. Quality constructed sweaters look sleek yet formal enough to work in an office where a dress code is enforced. For a bonus look, choosing a turtleneck sweater can elevate the style and make it timeless as well as classy.

2. Neutral Shades

One of the reasons that so many employers frown upon the concept of wearing leggings to work is the bright colors and busy patterns that are often presented. Opting for leggings made from a neutral shade such as black can create not only a pleasing silhouette but also make the outfit appropriate for the office.

3. Fabric Quality Matters

Many leggings are manufactured using synthetic fabrics, and when worn to work, they pack a cheap low quality aesthetic. Cashmere is often the number one choice for sturdy and quality leggings. This fabric is wholly natural with only a touch of synthetic stretch to help the bottoms properly keep their shape.

4. Avoid Crop Tops Or Casual Shirts

One of the most commonly inappropriate ways to style leggings is to wear them with crop tops or casual shirts. The key is to strike the right balance when creating the perfect pairing. As leggings are casual by nature, it’s crucial to offset them with a top or a dress that’s more formal. Crop tops are seen as the worst offenders when it comes down to workplace attire. They are much too casual and often reveal parts of the body best left out of the office.

5. The Right Kind Of Shoes

Footwear is another important aspect to bear in mind when looking to wear cashmere leggings to an office. Usually, loafers, ballet flats, or even small booties are perfect pairings. If the shoes are interesting and high quality enough, they draw the focus away from the bottoms themselves and it allows the eye to solely focus on the footwear instead. Heels aren’t generally recommended for work, but they are a possibility for those that feel comfortable walking in them.

6. Add A Blazer

Any pair of casual leggings paired with the right stylish blazer can take workplace attire to new heights. It’s crucial to opt for blazers with a loose fit and ones that hit well below the hips. By opting for a design with a longer length, the blazer highlights a pleasing and curvy silhouette while drawing the eye away from the more casual leggings.

Bonus tip: It’s best to choose a blazer that is easily closed in the middle with a button closure. This makes the outfit less casual and lends it a slightly dressier appeal.

Where To Find The Best Cashmere Leggings

Finding quality cashmere leggings isn’t easy, especially when shoppers look to strike a balance between quality and affordability. QUINN is a fantastic online company that not only stands for innovation but unsurpassed quality as well!

The affordable casual leggings are made from a soft blend of cashmere and spandex to ensure a comfortable yet form fitting look. Available in sizes XS to XL, the right fit is crucial to ensure that the leggings are great for work, a night out on the town, or simply for lounging at home!

The black color ensures that it matches virtually any and all articles of clothing, meanwhile the longer length construction helps eliminate the too-casual appeal. Each legging features reinforced stitching and a properly fitted groin to ensure no mishaps. Priced at only $248, it offers an affordable yet long-lasting wardrobe staple.