5 Things You Should Never Discuss at Work

business people chatting

There’s nothing wrong with forming healthy bonds at work, or having the occasional conversation with your coworkers. That doesn’t mean that every topic of discussion is on the table, though, say Los Angeles discrimination lawyer Nostrati Law. 

At work, there are some things that are best left unsaid, lest you want to contribute to an uncomfortable, awkward, and in some cases toxic work environment. To help you stay in the clear, remember to never broach these five topics while you’re on the job.


The experts at Pasternak law, who have long been fighting workplace discrimination in California, will all tell you  there’s no quicker way to make co-worker uncomfortable than to start talking about sex. Additionally, it’s a fine way to find a sexual harassment complaint filed against you (and rightfully so).


Your faith may be central to your life, or it may not be. Either way, it doesn’t matter, because discussing such matters at work makes everyone uncomfortable. This doesn’t mean that you have to hide your religion, mind you, but don’t get into heated discussions or try to convert your co-workers.


One of the only things that might get more contentious than religion is politics. It can ruin relationships, driving a stake between even the best of friends — and those are people who you may or may not see on a regular basis. 

Now, imagine how political conversations could disrupt the environment when they come up at the place where you spend most of your waking hours? At the least it’s going to be pandemonium, and in the worst cases it can lead to a full-blown office firestorm. Don’t bring up politics or voting at work (unless, of course, it’s part of the job).


Money, in and of itself, isn’t necessarily evil. Talking about how much of it you make with co-workers, though, can open up a can of words you want no part of. For some individuals, there’s a lot of worth attached to how much you get paid. Once you reveal that, the comparisons, jealousy, and other toxic behaviors can start seeping into the workplace.

Home Troubles

Most everyone will have troubles with their spouse, kids, or family at some point in their lives. What you don’t need to do about that, though, is talk about it at work. Not only is there a potential that it will distract you from the job, there’s also the potential that it can make interacting with co-workers or subordinates awkward.

Wrapping Up

Don’t let these topics of discussion creep into your conversations at work. While you’re on the job, keep things professional, and your chances of mishaps will be greatly reduced.