The Site Helpers: How To Create A Website That Converts + Drives Results

A website that converts

Most businesses have a website nowadays, and if they don’t, they are definitely missing out on the many benefits that a fantastic website brings. However, even if you have a website, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re done. 

There has been a lot of research and experimentation in the web development and design world. Experts like The Site Helpers have spent literal decades studying statistics and noting the results of trial and error experimentations to figure out what exactly drives results on websites. 

Everyone is different, and every business will need to do something unique in order to optimize its conversions. Still, you can follow some key guidelines to reach that optimization point. 

I actually had a chance to talk to The Site Helpers and have them give me some guidelines to share with you so that you can increase conversions from your site, no matter what you need (sales, subscriptions, emails, etc.).

For those who don’t know, The Site Helpers consists of a team of professional web development consultants with decades of experience. They are front runners in web marketing and development, so there is no one better to listen to! 

Invest in SEO 

Any website needs to focus on its Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known as SEO. The experts at Site Helpers recommend researching keywords for your specific market, and if you’re unsure about how to do this, it is well worth the investment to outsource to pros. 

Optimizing your website’s keywords will let it appear higher on Google and other Search Engine results. This means more customers will see your website and come through the door, which of course, will mean more sales. 

Blogs and Content

You need a place to put those SEO keywords, right? Blogs are one of The Site Helpers’ favorite tools to incorporate SEO and, again, bring in customers. 

Blogs have been proven to keep visitors on websites and increase page views. If a blog isn’t your style or you don’t have the time, there are other forms of content you can look into, such as content curation. 

Work on your Call to Action

If you’re unsure what a Call to Action is, then The Site Helpers defined it quickly for me. It is a statement that encourages your site visitor to do something. Whether you’re telling them, “Subscribe to our newsletter!” or “Go Check out your cart!” 

Calls to Action are extremely popular on modern websites because they’re effective. Go to any of your favorite websites and pay attention, see if you can pick out their call to action, and think about how your website could incorporate the strategy. 

A/B Testing

This is a little more advanced, but The Site Helpers says that it is the best way to figure out what works and what doesn’t. A/B testing is the practice of making two different versions of a webpage and monitoring the results to figure out which one works better. 

Say you created two calls to action and would like to know which one leads to more subscribers. With A/B testing, your customers will be randomly sent to two different web pages, each with its own call to action. 

Now you can see how each CTA performed and keep the best one in your final product. Many web developers will be able to set up A/B testing for you, and it can be extremely easy when your website is built in WordPress or similar services.