Ryan Dean Hoggan On How He Decides Which NFT Artists To Watch

Ryan Dean Hoggan On How He Decides Which NFT Artists To Watch

The growth of NFTs, has taken over much attention in the crypto industry in 2021. The selling of one-of-a-kind crypto-assets has spread to the worlds of art collectors and sports, to name a few. 

In recent months, sales of creative pieces in the form of NFTs have skyrocketed.

Ryan Dean Hoggan isn’t afraid of change and is focusing on NFTs this year. 

He’s hoping that aspiring digital artists who want to improve their work would be brave enough to grab the ‘bull’ by the horns, even if they’re surrounded by ‘bears’ and that’s what he said in this interview.

What are NFTs, exactly?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, is a brand-new type of digital asset. The ownership of these assets is recorded on a blockchain, which is a digital ledger similar to those used by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Unlike most virtual currencies, however, one NFT could not be swapped for another like dollars or gold bars. Each NFT is unique, serving as a collection item that cannot be duplicated, making them highly rare. 

Consider them the crypto-version of rare Pokémon or baseball cards.

Can NFTs be trusted?

For various reasons, NFT is going to take off as original and authentic, as it is guaranteed through smart data coded contracts, resulting in a one-of-a-kind product. Buyers will undoubtedly receive the exact value.

When it comes to the nobility of ownership—Only the owners of the smart contract can transfer NFTs. Easy to transfer—peer-to-peer interaction, as well as the elimination of intermediaries and third parties, make business cool. 

Finally, NFT arts have a built-in provenance system.

Are NFTs risky?

I can certainly state that, like the rest of the blockchain family, NFTs are fraught with risks, but one that is also intriguing. As more cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies are merged, the NFT market will continue to rise.

We’re gradually adopting more blockchain technology, and NFT appears to be a promising investment opportunity. A lot of money will be put into NFTs all over the world.

Is it true that NFTs are more valuable because they are rare?

A small number of NFTs are used in several NFT collections. The CryptoPunks collection is a good example, as only 10,000 NFTs were produced. The scarcity of these NFTs can increase their value, as some NFTs may become more intriguing or unique to people as a result of their scarcity. 

It’s also worth noting that some people are eager to get their hands on these NFTs and start using them right away.

Can you provide us with a list of NFT musicians you’re currently following and where can NFT artists be found easily?

The creators of BoredApeYachtClub, a group of cartoon apes, from Yuga Labs will have to be at the top of my NFT list. Anyone interested in NFT has most certainly heard of or seen them. Other artists include ArtsBlock Factory, MutantApeYatchClub, and Cool Cats.

Twitter is one place where you might find a link to an NFT Art auction and, in the process, meet an NFT artist. Rareible.com, on the other hand, has a big number of NFT Artists and their art collections.