Rocking A Jacket With A Pocket Square

Rocking a jacket with a pocket square is a timeless look that dates back to Antiquity. Greeks and Egyptians would have linen handkerchiefs as pocket squares. In the 18th century, wearing pocket squares was adopted throughout Western Europe. 

Initially, men placed pocket squares in their trouser pockets. But the trend changed with the creation of the two-piece suit in the 19th century. 

By the 20th century, the pocket square became a fashion accessory. Up to now, we see famous personalities grace events rocking a jacket with a pocket square. 

What is it about this fashion accessory that has made it stand the test of time? 

We talked to fashion entrepreneur Cesar Cruz to learn more. 

About Cesar Cruz 

Cesar Cruz is the founder of Sebastian Cruz Couture. His company is one of the leading luxury fashion brands for men. Cesar started the company in 2014 and entered the market with pocket squares. 

Cesar recalls that the pocket squares in the market were 16 by 16 in silk or comparable fabrics when he was starting. These pocket squares were diminishing in value when the trend of wearing the pocket squares in reverse took off.. Yet they went for $400. 

Cesar single-handedly disrupted the pocket square industry by introducing a more functional, high-quality design. He states that he got the inspiration in 2012 when he went to pick up his two custom-made suits from his alterations person. 

While at the store, Cesar noticed the owner’s daughter hand-crochet a pocket square. He immediately fell in love with the concept and decided to enter into the business of pocket squares. 

Rocking a Jacket with a Pocket Square 

There’s no better way to make a fashion statement than to wear a jacket with a pocket square. Like the bowtie or tie, the pocket square is an accessory that lets you express your unique tastes and individuality. 

Traditionally, men would wear white pocket squares. However, designers like Cesar Cruz broke away from tradition by creating pocket squares with diverse colors. 

Cesar’s pocket squares have bold prints and daring colors. When you check out the Sebastian Cruz Couture online store, you’ll find some pocket squares with black with green, blue, purple, or red borders, e.t.c. Some are blue with yellow or snow-flake-colored borders. You’ll even spot floral ones. 

Cesar’s pocket squares are a game-changer. Each one signifies individuality and self-expression. Cesar doesn’t use models to showcase his jackets with pocket squares. Rather, he shares pics of his clients wearing them on the website and Instagram stories but focuses on showing torso or “neck down” shots. This allows people to see themselves in the outfits. Cesar wants his clients to see the realness and elegance of a jacket with pocket squares to get the look. 

To Conclude 

Rocking a jacket with a pocket square is a great way to express your individuality. It’s a great accessory that complements a jacket. Also, it communicates elegance and makes you feel good about your overall appearance. 

Today’s men want to stand out at an event. They want to feel confident about how they look. One way to do that is by wearing a jacket with a Sebastian Cruz Couture pocket square. 

Some things will never go out of style, and pocket squares are one of them. 

Do you need a bit of inspiration? 

You can check out the Sebastian Cruz Couture Instagram page for more.