Reasons By Jesus Bullon Penco On Why Rocket Leagues is the 21st Century Best Esports Innovation

Statistics reveal that as of June 2021, e-sport had an average of 95.9 million users. This data indicates that rocket league is the fastest growing e-sport game. Between January to February 2022, over 90 million players played the game. This upward trend in the game’s growth has transformed it from a hobby to a career for its players.

Rocket League is a game of soccer that uses vehicles moving at the speed of a rocket as its players. This e-sport video game was developed by an American company that develops video games. The five main vehicles used in the game are Octane; Takumi, BMW M240i; and Outlaw.

Jesus Bullon At A Glance

Jesus Bullon unravels the secret behind the success of the game. He is a Spanish professional Rocket league player who has played for famous clubs like Vodafone Giants; Besiqtas; and Wizard Club. He has won many tournaments and received great trophies. Rocket League has been incorporated into national games like the Olympics and world cup. In 2020 Jesus was appointed as Spanish coach to lead the team in Tokyo, Olympicswhereby they emerged position three global. 

The following are the tips to help better understand the game. 

  1. Simplicity to learn. 

Unlike other highly complex e-sport games, Rocket League does not require special skills to play. Even an ordinary person; can learn how to play the game in two minutes due to its friendly user interface.

  1. Free app. 

The Psyonix, the Rocket League designer, has designed software that allows fans to play for free. You can download their app to your personal computer and play it for free.

  1. Build your career. 

Rocket League has been a leisure game but is currently a lucrative career when you sharpen your skills in playing the game. Joining a rocket league is the next important step. Being in a club offers you an opportunity to participate in tournaments in which you can win, receiving a trophy and monetary prize.

  1. Ability to customize your car. 

The cars have been designed with unique features that allow you to adjust. Wheels, decal, engine audial, and the camera angle can all be customized to give you a fantastic experience.

Benefits Of The Game

Source of employment. Playing in the rocket league is a source of livelihood. Consider perfecting rocket league playing skills and joining well-known clubs. This helps you build your career and attain financial freedom.

Entertainment. Unlike traditional soccer, where you passively watch the game, rocket league allows you to play or watch as a fan. Playing the game is so entertaining and refreshes your mind.

Boost healthy living. Playing rocket league games helps boost memory and boost your eyes and hands coordination preventing you from the danger of contracting dementia disease.

Upcoming Rocket League games

The main upcoming event in the Rocket League is the season 6 tournament. If you become the best player at the end of the competition, you will get competitive rewards. For more information; connect with Jesus Bullon Penco on Facebook @ or on Twitter @