Jesus Bullon Penco; the Rocket League Champion

Many people get to achieve many things in their mid-thirties or forties. However, achieving dreams at a young age gives a person the confidence to achieve even more. Jesús Bullón Penco, known by his popular nickname ByJesuxEsP is one of the people who have achieved so much in sports by playing the Rocket League.

At only 23, he is both a player and a Rocket League video game coach. By being a professional player from 2017 to 2020, he achieved so much by getting endorsements from prominent sports brands like Nike. He became a coach from 2020 to date. 

Being born and raised in Alcantarilla, Murcia in 1998, ByJesuxEsP made a lifelong career by doing what he loved most. Playing Rocket League made him achieve so much at just a young age. By playing in so many tournaments, he was able to play in one of the world’s biggest competitions. The Olympics.

Competitions and Teams

As a rocket league player, his career started back in 2018. He played for BlackClaws Esports, with his team being ranked from number 9 to number 12. Later he moved to a club in Turkey, where his career got better. Under the same club, he was able to play in over eight tournaments. During this time, his career improved significantly.

By moving to a different team in Spain, he was able to play and become the runner-up in the European RLCS. His team was composed of players he had met playing online. The team improved his game, making yet one of the biggest achievements since he became a rocket league player.

Rocket Liga Pro was the highest that ByJesuxEsP had played in the main league; he climbed to the first division. The first division is a high position that many people do not achieve in their careers. His teammates were Habi and Soprano, who helped make the achievement possible.

In 2018, he moved to a different team sponsored by both PlayStation and Esports. By losing in the semi-finals, his team they were able to become the third. The Dream Cup in Spain saw him have the greatest joy. He was able to achieve top five in the league. Only moving upwards in the most competitive leagues as far as Rocket League is concerned.


When you are one of the most appreciated players, many people will likely want you on their side. Many sports companies are interested in a person who will make their brand famous and spread worldwide.

The companies made sure that everything was provided for. As a good sportsman, there are lows and highs. By winning or making sure that his record came out clean, accompanied by a lot of hard work, he maintained most of the contracts.

Importance of Self Improvement in Sports

It is important to take time for self-development and meditation in all sports. In 2020, Jesus took time himself to look at the past and make a decision based on what he wanted next for himself. He stopped being a player and decided to coach. Team Queso requested him to coach them. He made achievements as a team coach that had never been seen before.

Being in the top 10 in each competition and being the European champion of RLCS in 2021 made him one of the best coaches in the Rocket League. His achievements could be seen, and many other companies were willing to work with him to better their performance.

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