How to Have an Awesome At-Home Spa Day

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Who needs a spa day? You do! You deserve to treat yourself. Guess what? You can have your very own fantastic spa day at home. Here’s how.

Why a Spa Day is Worth It

Let’s be honest here, spa days are amazing! They give you time to relax, relieve stress, and pamper yourself. They take time, planning, and energy but worth it. For the ladies looking for a solution to getting their spa on without going anywhere, here are 6 DIY spa day treatments that you can do at home for yourself. Wine Tasting Wine tastings are fun, and you can be sipping on wine by the bucket (or keg) load, all while relaxing and smelling delicious scents of white, red, and rosé. Now you can have a winemaker at your doorstep, within minutes, of your front door. 2. Yoga classes Yoga gives you a chance to de-stress, de-burden, and restore your body and mind.

How to Decide What to Do

Do you want to be pampered? Do you want to spend time with your significant other, family, or friends? Do you want to de-stress? Do you want a little bit of everything? So many choices! How do you decide? Good thing I’m here to help! What should you do? You need a little TLC, don’t you? My number one recommendation is to get yourself a brand-spankin’ new soaker tub. The cheapest brand will do just fine. Add some lavender essential oil to the water and go to town. Easy. If you have access to an actual spa, you should use it. I’m all for having an at-home spa day at this point. It’s just so much easier and cheaper. What should you do? Do you want to have a massage? If so, it doesn’t matter where you go.

How to Have an Awesome At-Home Spa Day

There’s nothing as relaxing as that soothing bath soak, or a facial mask can be. And besides, what are you doing at a resort? Eating chips and rubbing yourself with a sugar scrub isn’t precisely peak relaxation. So here are three easy ways to get your at-home spa day. Wash your face in cold water. Coldwater has some surprising benefits. In addition to being good for your skin (because it helps to make collagen), it will also help keep your pores clear. Use a gentle, chemical-free soap or moisturizer, then wash your face in a stream of cold water for two minutes.

How to End Your At-Home Spa Day

Sometimes you want to go all out. So here’s how to spend hours on end relaxing. It’s the perfect way to plan a long weekend relaxing mini-vacay. 

1. Pour some iced tea. The ultimate spa treat is iced tea. We all know it makes everything taste better. 

2. Munch on some fruits and veg As healthy as possible. Maybe go for some sunflower seeds or pomegranate seeds? 

3. Download a spa playlist. It would be best if you let your body/mind relax. 

4. Get some masks and moisturizers out. Away from your everyday life, it’s essential to use products that are as natural as possible, like a ph balanced body lotion. Even if you’re not going to the spa, you’re still going to need a nourishing face wash. 

5. Slather yourself. We are talking body butter, face oil, you name it.

These tips will take you from scrubbed-out to skin princess in no time at all. Want to spice it up? Sure you do! Do it your way. Pick up some bath bombs. Start experimenting with fragrances. Happy spa day!