How to Convert a Room into a Full-Blown Baby Nursery

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Having a dedicated nursery room in your home is what every new mom dreams of. It’s not only very convenient, but it is a super fun project to dive into while pregnant and waiting for the little one’s arrival.

I was lucky enough to be able to turn one of our spare rooms into a full-blown nursery a couple of years ago and it was one of the most fun home projects I have done.

I had a very supporting husband that was the handy man, but he gave me full control over the style and what I wanted. I mean, he knew I would get my way eventually, so I think he decided to just avoid any potential “disagreements.” I am joking. He was very supportive and a major help through the entire process. Ladies…make sure you have someone around to handle the heavy lifting!

I hope my experience can give you some inspiration and it helps you create an amazing home nursery for your little one.

Find Your Style Using Pinterest

Pinterest is very popular with moms, and it’s a great place to see an endless amount of nursery examples. It really helps to see finished ones. You get to see what different layouts and options can be.

With how many different ones you can find there you are sure to see some examples of nursery’s that were made in rooms of similar size to yours.

Seeing examples will help you figure out what you like and what you don’t. You can then mix and match to create a style of your own that you absolutely love.

Pinterest board example

Use an Online Mock-Up Tool to Check Sizing

There are a lot of programs available online that interior designers use to make sure items fit properly. A Google search will help you find plenty of free ones. You don’t have to use the fancy ones. You just want to map out your room’s dimensions and then input anything you want to add.

The last thing you want to do is find out a crib you ordered just doesn’t fit right or leave enough room for the other things. It’s a simple way to just help you plan the room.

Shop Amazon for Best Deals

Amazon is the best place to stock up your nursery, from diapers and baby supplies to wall decor and little sitting chairs. There really isn’t anything you can’t find there.

I find some of the best Amazon deals on other mommy blogs. There are a few that I follow and they will tend to see some really good specials. I know they are posting their affiliate link to earn money, but I don’t mind supporting them. Plus you still get the same special deal price using their link.

If there is a specific product or item you want for your nursery always check Amazon. It’s hard to beat their price. Or Prime 2-day shipping!

look for deals on Amazon

Use a Contractor for Difficult Conversions

My last tip is to not be scared to get professional help for difficult tasks. My husband is handy but there were some things he suggested we hire a contractor to do, like a little knock down wall project, where we opened up the room a bit to give it more space.

One tip: make sure you verify local contractor licensing requirements before hiring anyone. You need to make sure anyone you hire meets the requirements and is licensed and insured properly.

Most nursery jobs are simple, so don’t fear a major expense. It’s better to have it done right the first time anyway.