How smartphones have changed our lives

To say that cell phones and smartphones have made our lives more convenient would be a massive understatement. Cell phones of old would allow you to call out and receive calls, but not a whole lot else past that.

Today, smartphones are capable of doing just about anything: streaming live television, watching on-demand content, communicating with people across the globe, playing console-quality video games, storing credit card and banking information, and so much more.

Most importantly, it has changed the way that we share and store our photos and videos. Even better, there are alternative carriers out there like Mint Mobile that have made plans more affordable for users to share those photos and videos.

The Mint Mobile network is based off of the T-Mobile network, using the same reliable cell towers that the mobile giant does without the expensive costs that eventually get passed down to the consumer. Check all the Mint Mobile reviews out there and you will see nothing but a reliable alternative to the big four of cell phone carriers.

Storing and Sharing Photos and Videos

In the early days of photo capabilities for cell phones, you could snap a picture on your phone but there wasn’t much beyond that. The capacity of storage was very limited, meaning you might get a handful of pictures before your storage was taken up.

It took more time to give users the option to capture video in addition to those photos. That’s not even taking quality into account and calling it standard definition would be too nice. But smartphones now have such powerful cameras that only professional photography experts had access to.

This means being able to not only capture more of your favorite moments but being able to store and share them seamlessly. That level of convenience is partially why smartphones are so popular and in demand.

Sharing Real-Time Video

Best of all, real-time video has changed the way we communicate. Instead of texting or a phone call, you can now see the person you are calling, putting a whole new spin on the communication process.

This can be great for grandparents especially. It makes it easier than ever to see their grandchildren even if they live far away. And being able to see those kids live and in color can change the overall feeling that grandparents have when talking to their grandchildren.

That real-time video can also help in smaller, more practical ways, too. Let’s say you are at the grocery store and can’t find something on the list. You can pull up real-time video calls to ask your spouse if that is correct and what it looks like. It is like a real-time infographic at your disposal.