Care For Your Hair From Root To Tip With Root Root Hair Care

Care For Your Hair From Root To Tip With Root Root Hair Care

7 out of 10 people deal with hair management problems. Some of whom, despite trying out various products, have proven intractable. Frustrating, right?

Beyond this frustration, it often leaves a dent in one’s confidence – and in extreme cases, hair problems lead to personal hair management apathy. This doesn’t have to be you, as Root Root hair care provides a wholesome approach to give you that awesome hair growth experience.

At Root Root Hair Care, we are convinced that any attempt at hair boost, recovery, or revitalization which doesn’t incorporate a wholesome routine would only, at best, provide solutions that aren’t durable, and such could lead to a relapse.

It is in an attempt to provide tested, trusted and long-lasting solutions for your hair, that we introduce the Root Root complete hair care products. Our advanced formula is designed to completely revitalize your hair from root to tip.

Whether it is high porosity, low porosity; or simply hair shedding, breakage, frizzy texture, or stunted growth, Root Root Hair Care is your go-to brand.

Root Root Boost - Root Root Hair Care

Make your hair game come alive again with the Root Root Boost, an intensive hair growth serum specially formulated to address low porosity, and facilitate moist retention, leaving your hair with a gentle sheen and smooth natural feel. Gently applying this formula not only helps eliminate dead cells littered all over the hair root and scalp; it also helps blood circulation for regenerating new hair cells.

This special scalp routine effectively puts an alt to stunted growth and enables moist retention, hence keeping the root in the healthiest condition to avert a possible relapse. This serum contains ingredients such as castor oil and eucalyptus—which strengthens your strands.

Root Toot Recovery - Root Root Hair Care

Hair loss has been scientifically linked to oversensitive follicles as well as genetic and hormonal considerations. If this resonates with you or a loved one then the Root Root Recovery Serum is the answer.

Formulated to penetrate deep into the hair roots, this variant remedies dry ends and revitalizes your hair follicles, effectively facilitating regrowth to the volume and texture of your choice. Yes, with this formula, you get to determine how full and thick your hair grows.  

The Minoxidil property triggers hyperpolarization of the cell membranes. What this means is, it widens the blood vessels, opens up potassium channels thus; enabling the right percentage flow of oxygen, blood, and other nutrients to the hair follicles. By applying it to the scalp 1-3 times/week, you get to shed dead follicles and strands – replacing them with thicker, healthier ones.

Root Root Vitality - Root Root Hair Care Products

The Root Root Vitality is a hair growth multivitamin specially formulated as a supplement to the HAIR BOOSTER and HAIR LOSS variants. Hygienically packed in 30 capsules containers, an intake of 2 capsules daily provides the body with super biotin, ascorbic acid, and other essential mineral properties to maximize hair and beauty benefits.

If you are not getting enough nutrients from your dietary routines this multivitamin renovates the nutritional deficiencies.

Why don’t you get on this exciting and astonishing root-to-tip hair therapy with us? A trial is all you need.

Remember, life is short. You might as well as live it with the hair of your wildest imagination – courtesy of the amazing triple pack of ROOT ROOT HAIR CARE. It is perfect for all hair types.

And yes, we have an amazing resource of blog posts that will help you create a winning hair care routine, recognize good habits for optimum hair growth, and keep you updated on products, new industry findings, and other information. Get our gift at Root Root Hair Care Blog.