Are Insecticides Safe around my Family?

Many pests, like the cockroach, fly, spider, the bed bug, and mosquito, are known to be harmful to human health. Mice, wasps, and termites may damage the properties of house owners. So they use insecticides to eradicate all these pests from their homes. Since most of the insecticides are made of several chemicals, the rapid uses of these common pesticides can impose a greater threat to human health.

Risk of using conventional insecticides within your home

Although insecticides are intended to kill different types of pests, some of these chemicals have toxic effects on the human body, mainly when sprayed indoors. Too much exposure to insecticides may lead to different health hazards. Children are more severely harmed due to the toxic chemicals used in making insecticides, as their immunity power is much lesser than adults. They are more prone to suffer from several respiratory, nervous, and gastrointestinal problems, due to the constant influence of these harmful pesticides at home. Fatal diseases, like leukemia and lymphoma, are also more frequently spotted in kids living in rooms where these insecticides are regularly sprayed. Even adults experience skin disorders if these chemicals come in direct contact with their bare skin. Pregnant women should stay away from these insecticides, which can damage the nervous system of their unborn babies.

Different benefits of organic pest control 

There are companies like EcoTek Pest Control specialize in providing all-natural solutions as an alternative when conventional insecticides are not an option. Organic pest control is the latest technique used for killing all insects, where natural substances are used instead of harmful chemicals. Usually, plant-derived materials, like rosemary, thyme, mint oil, Boric acid, and Diatomaceous earth, are preferred for eradicating pests. All these products are found to be less harmful to humans while quite effective in freeing houses from pests. These organic products have very little odor and hardly leaves any undesired stain when sprayed. These materials do not pollute the surrounding environment and also safe for kids or pets. Even adults do not suffer from any respiratory problem or allergy, by inhaling these products when sprayed at different spots inside a house.

How can professional organic pest control be more effective than doing it yourself?

If you want to apply the organic pest control products yourself, the result may not be as good as expected. So it is better to hire a professional for using these products more effectively at your home. The trained professionals have better expertise in applying the pest control products exactly at the spots that are most infested by pests. Moreover, they have all the required tools for applying the organic materials, to achieve the best result. They also find out the reasons for pest infestation and prevent all chances of the return of these irritating insects. 

The expert pest control professionals also guide their clients in keeping away all pests for a long time.