5 Best Driving Schools in San Francisco

There are plenty of steps you’ll take to ensure your new teen driver is as safe as possible on the road. You might look at safety features in a new car, have expert legal aid like this Oakland car accident attorney at the ready, and maybe even install an app to monitor their speed.

Those are all excellent ways to help them stay safe, but one of the best things you can do is enroll them in a driving school. If you’re looking for the best educational experience your teen can have in the San Francisco area, then check out these top-tier options.

1. Ann’s Driving School

Certified by the National Safety Council and licensed in California, Ann’s is highly rated option. Their instructors go beyond teaching the standard skills your teen needs to include defensive driving, one of the top ways to avoid accidents. Plus, their vehicles are fully insured and feature dual controls.

You can take your pick of instructors featuring both men and women for two-hour time slots. A one-time lesson costs $180. You can also schedule 6 hours of training for $540. Finally, Ann’s offers a DMV drive test for $325.

2. Rivadavia Driving School

Rivadavia, family-owned and operated, is another excellent option for teaching your teen the defensive driving skills they need. They feature locations in San Francisco as well as Burlingame, Redwood City, and San Mateo. Rivadavia’s instructors all feature a minimum experience level of 15 years teaching others to drive, making them a solid choice for your teen.

The driving school’s specialty is adapting their lessons to your child’s learning style. This allows for more comprehensive training as well a comfortable experience. Each 2-hour lesson is $200, or you can opt for the 6-hour session for $600. A DMV driving test will run you $380.

3. A Safeway Driving School

Established in 1980, A Safeway offers driving lessons for everyone from teens to senior citizens. They offer the latest in safe driving techniques with a focus on a fun learning environment. You can sign your teen up for a 6-hour lesson costing $360, or take a 2-hour adult lesson for $120. This school also features online driver education for just $15.

4. Ride On Driving School

Ride on is bonded and insured with a commitment to guiding students to the safest skills possible. Their expert instructors are capable of behind-the-wheel training and certifying teens with a 6-hour course that includes a DMV test.

This school’s rates vary depending on the need of the student. Ride On tailors each session to work on weaknesses while encouraging strengths. As an added bonus, they pick their students up right from their home, school, or office.

5. Guerrero Driving School

Another family-owned and operated option, Guerrero offers comprehensive lessons designed for defensive techniques and professional driving. They also offer courses that focus specifically on highway and freeway traffic.

With Guerrero, instructors are multi-lingual. They’ll teach in English, Portuguese, or Spanish to meet a student’s needs. Their focus is on instilling the confidence drivers need to handle any obstacle in the safest way possible. Rates vary depending on the type of session you choose, but each comes with the same level of attention to detail as the next.