Clancey Yohman: How Artists Can Stand Out In The NFT Space

With the implementation of Web3 by established and rising IT organizations, interest in the NFT market has increased. Similar to this, many conventional and digital artists have seized the opportunity to turn their ideas into NFT in the hopes of enormous financial benefits.

However, the likelihood of being seen or heard substantially decreases when more individuals compete for the same goal. This suggests that, due to the exponential increase of artists in the NFT world, an artist’s digital art might be less valuable despite the immense creative effort used in its production.

In this interview, NFT expert Clancey Yohman advised on how both new and existing artists can stand out in the NFT space.

What Advantage Come With Being Unique In The NFT Space?

Clancey Yohman: Sincerely, there are a lot of artists crammed into the NFT space, all looking to sell their digital work for a profit. Hence, there are countless NFT works available for potential customers to choose from, which lowers the likelihood that only one artist will be often supported.

This is where being unique matters. An artist’s NFT art will command a higher price on the market if it is a fantastic work or collection that stands out from the competition. In the long run, the NFT artist will profit exceedingly when the art is listed for sale.

What Is Your Best Advice Would Help An NFT Artist Stand Out In The NFT Space?

Clancey Yohman: Many artists jump into the NFT space without prior preparation. This strategy will help the artist stand out from the thousands of other rivals.

Therefore, if you’re a potential NFT artist, select the appropriate artistic niche that best exhibits your abilities. For those in the NFT space already, you should reconsider your chosen place. Ultimately, the work produced will be incredibly distinctive and draw the appropriate clientele.

What Major Challenge Will An NFT Artist Face In Their Goal To Stand Out?

Clancey: No matter how creative an artist is or how impressive their work is, if no one is pushing it up in the marketplace, it won’t matter. An NFT artist’s most significant issue is this reliance on word-of-mouth publicity.

Hence, they must develop creative solutions to ensure their work is spoken about to keep it from being lost in the vast NFT universe.

Unique NFT Artists Occasionally Deal With Problems Like Counterfeiting. How Can They Stop Or Minimize These Occurrences?

Because the NFT industry is in its early stages, there are several significant flaws in the system that copycats have exploited to gain an advantage over the original NFT artists.

The best any artist can do right now is to collaborate with platforms that offer tools that collectors may use to verify their authenticity and work.

Integrating a unique characteristic that cannot be easily copied on the artiste’s part will give the artwork more legitimacy.

 In What Ways Can A NFT Artist Make Money Beyond Selling Their Art?

Aside from selling off their art, an NFT artist can utilize other means to make money in the NFT space. For instance, the NFT artist can rent out their work to someone for a certain length of time in exchange for cash rather than selling it outrightly. 

An artist can get passive lifetime royalties even after selling it to a third party. However, this condition must be in place from the get-go of the sales process.